Coco Bean Coffee House

Tell us about The Coco Bean Coffee House!

It is the 100 years since the suffragettes fought hard for women to have the vote ..the struggle for equalities for women is still going on today, the conservatives are closing down community spaces so i wanted to open a space that celebrates women and is accessible to all members of the local community. We have a strong equalities theme running throughout the building and welcome everyone to come and visit our coffee house. While having a coffee you can take in our galleries to see local artists and photographers exhibiting. The exhibitions are refreshed regularly so if you would like to exhibit with us please get in touch.

You have some pretty awesome art work on display at the moment, who is on display?

The standard of artwork is very high at Coco Bean Gallery, we want to make the space available to the local community to showcase their work. We are currently displaying work by local artists and photographers, Angela Hayden has a fabulous heart piece on display, which I am sure will be snapped up for mothers day. We also have work by Merseylass who has some stunning photography here, Jay Morse who has some wild life and countryside images, Vickie Marie who has some excellent pencil drawings on display. We are always looking for more artists, crafters and photographers to exhibit and welcome all enquiries.


What are your plans for the future of Coco bean?

We hosted a cupcake making class on Saturday, we have a regular photography club that meets regularly and Thursday night is scrabble club night and this Saturday we had a visit from Spiderman.
The community are playing an active role in shaping Coco Bean as a Community Space I am sure it can go strength to strength, its like Field of Dreams people will come ..and they sure have so I am very excited about a very creative future for the coffee house. So if anyone has a new idea or wants to contribute please get in touch and lets see if we can help.